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Nashville Live Edge Tables

Our specialty lies in the beautiful craftsmanship of wood tables and desks, turning the sustainably sourced slabs of wood into alluring and aesthetic furniture. Experience the tranquility of nature within your home! 


Right here in Nashville, Tennessee, we at Sawdust & Whiskey love the unique rustic look, natural feel, and the thick and durable longevity of live edge wood tables. So do our customers!

Contact Us

Address: 1903 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN 37211 

Phone: (615) 945-1710 



Whether you are in Nashville, Tennessee, or abroad, we can work with you over the phone or in person at our woodworking shop. If you have an idea for a table, but can’t seem to find the precise slab of wood, let us know. We also take commissions, and we’ll work with you to get your perfect table. 


We present a variety of wood slabs to use when making tables and desks, including curved slabs, flat slabs, and cookie slabs. We also offer wood types like Parota / Guanacaste, Monkey Pod, Pochote, Possumwood, and more by order. 


We also have an ever-expanding blog on our site. We post informative pieces answering the many questions our customers ask about the art of live edge woodwork. You can also ask us questions through our email or phone number. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the world of live edge tables and furniture! 

Custom Commissions

We love thinking outside the box. With our expert team, we take pride in being able to help out our customers. Down to the tiniest details, we make your vision a reality. 

If you would like to commission a table or desk, perhaps even just to ask for whiskey recommendations, you can fill out this form. We’ll get back to you ASAP to discuss your order! We’re looking forward to making your dream piece come to fruition. 

Live Edge Furniture

At Sawdust & Whiskey, we create a variety of tables. We have live edge, epoxy, and curved slab tables and desks. We also accept requests, and love to work together to make your dream table a reality! 

Live Edge Tables


Popularized by legendary craftsman George Nakashima in the 1940s, live edge tables have remained a timeless aesthetic. 

Live edge tables add rustic gracefulness to any room. There is no single identical tree in the entire world. Truly each live edge slab is unique. And with the option of finishing the table with stain, oil, and epoxy, the possibilities for customization are nearly unlimited. 

Our live edge tables are 100% natural. They’re solid and durable, and their organic nature is lively and attention-grabbing. Looking at an elegant live edge table is the epitome of versatility. 

These tables are an investment. Cut into a single slab, these tables will last for years to come. Although live edge tables are expensive, their longevity will outlive the bulk of standard mass-produced tables and desks. Aside from you investing in the aesthetic, you are also investing in a sturdy long-lasting functionality. 

Epoxy Tables

Along with the craftsmanship of live edge, we also offer epoxy to spruce up your table. Rustic natural meets modern elegance with our epoxy tables. Not only will your table be a natural marvel, but also a custom art piece. 

One of the most requested epoxy tables is river tables. Our river tables are made by combining two pieces of live edge wood and putting them together with a deep pour of epoxy resin. With a vibrant blue epoxy resin, the table resembles a flowing river. 

That’s not all! By choosing the species of wood, and the color of the deep pour epoxy, you can create a personal table that has your design and creativity all over it! By using our live wood slabs, longevity is ensured. 

Curved Slab Tables

Also known as a drip slab table. These tables are similar to our live edge tables with one major difference. On one end of the table, it ‘drips’ down to the ground. With these slabs, you get to experience the three dimensions of the tree it was cut from. 


Drip slabs invariably draw anyone’s eyes as soon as they walk in. These uniquely crafted tables are truly the center of attention in any room. They are perfect for conference rooms and dining rooms alike.

Our Background

In 2018, original Donny Fallgatter built a stand-up desk for his wife. Not too long after, Donny found he had a plethora of orders coming in, and decided to pursue woodworking as a full-time career. 

It wasn't long after that so many order started coming in that Donny and his small team needed more space, and relocated the workshop from his house to a proper woodworking shop located in Nashville, Tennessee. 

With the team’s shared love of wood craftsmanship and whiskey, Sawdust & Whiskey was constructed. The business expanded quickly, and here we are today! The artisan craftsmen and enjoyers of whiskey from Sawdust & Whiskey are ready to create your dream tables and desks.



Feel free to reach out to our phone number at (615) 945-1710, or email us at

If you’re in the Nashville area, ask us about stopping by! While we stay busy in our shop, we would be happy to schedule showing prospective custom furniture owners the process that we go through to create their dream table. Our address is 1903 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN 37211. 

To see our inventory, you can visit our website, check what's currently available here. 

We’re excited to help make your dream table come true! 

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