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About Us

Sawdust & Whiskey started from humble, do-it-yourself, beginnings in 2018 when founder Donny Fallgatter built a stand-up desk for his wife. A friend of Fallgatter's saw this and coincidentally his office was looking for a few new desks. Donny gave his friend a quote and much to his surprise, they ordered 15! The garage and rooms all over Fallgatter's house became impromptu workshop space. As more orders came in, Donny decided to pursue woodworking as a full-time venture and relocated to a larger shop in the Nashville area.

Since then, Sawdust & Whiskey has continued to expand, bringing together a team of skilled craftsmen and enjoyers of whiskey alike. Today, we take pride in sustainably sourcing our wood slabs locally as well as from a mill in Costa Rica via a friend of Fallgatter. Sawdust & Whiskey primarily focuses on custom tables and desks, often utilizing live edge wood slabs and highlighting wood grains, aiming to let the beauty of nature speak for itself.

Our Team

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